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Learn All You Need To Know To Find FREEDOM + TRUE HAPPINESS Through Your Business

As a business owner, you are expected to wear all of the hats. We make it easy for you to understand marketing as well as business development, so those hats don't have to bring you down.
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Learn All You Need To Know To Find FREEDOM + TRUE HAPPINESS Through Your Business

Your business can be more successful than you ever imagined

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What People Are Saying...

“...if you have any questions about your business....ask this chick! She is SO knowledgeable and is willing to share that knowledge with everyone around her. Rising tide lifting all boats right? Anyway, Martha has always been there to answer any questions I had about my business and website or anything else really that I wanted to ask. If she doesn't know, she will find out. So, moral of this story is to reach out to this lady if you need help! She rocks my socks.”

Owner, Sunshine Coaching

Melissa Rippe

“She (Martha) changed the entire course of my business and perspective towards a lot of things. My business has picked up since I got to know her. It is not just about business but it is about changing as a person and realizing the potential each one of us carry in unique ways. She has and always will be someone I always look up to as my inspiration.”

Owner, The Spiritual Catalyst

Ruchi Taneja

“Absolutely PHENOMENAL! Her genuine passion for equipping business owners to succeed shines in everything she does! When you are serious about stepping into the world with your purpose, Martha is the one you need!”

Owner, Sunshine Discoveries

Stephanie Verry

“(Martha is) here every day, every step of the way working hard to help walk us through the business/marketing component so we can focus on what it is we really love doing - which, for me, is inspiring, guiding and healing others! Thank you Tribefinder for all that you do! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for your wisdom, love and continued support. ”

Owner, Staci's Spiritual Services

Staci Code

“With business she (Martha) is a wiz, can help you understand what you need to get you where you want to go. I would highly recommend Tribefinder to any one looking to start a business, and or some one in need of guidance to get them over their hump.”

Owner, Healing for Ascension

Brian Laguire

“Martha Krejci is AMAZING she has such a beautiful way of supporting you with her expertise and action based business knowledge that just makes you move forward in your business quickly and with confidence you are on the right path. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking support for their business. Thank you, Martha!”

Owner, Mama Light

Sasha Dent

“What can I say about Martha? When we first met it was like a slow motion scene in a movie. I didn't know then the force of nature I was meeting. Martha always inspires, supports, and encourages anyone in business to follow their dreams. ”

Owner, Spiritwolf Visions

James Neubauer

“She (Martha) helped me work on a huge struggle I have been having with marketing and offered me absolutely BRILLIANT solutions to help grow and engage my audience, without having to bleed money into paid advertising! Thank you so much Martha!!!”

Owner, Crystal Fitzgerald

Crystal Fitzgerald

“Martha really helped me get "clear" about what I was trying to achieve. She's very good at brainstorming and coming up with ideas that you can actually implement and not just a wish list. I would HIGHLY recommend working with her if you feel cloudy about what direction to go in, or you just need some really solid and simple business advice. Thanks again, Martha...I appreciate you SO MUCH ”

Owner, Lisa Collings

Lisa Collings